Entrepreneurship is hard. But doesn't have to be alone.

The C42 Tribe is a virtual support system for entrepreneurs and builders who are creating value, building remarkable products and startups.

Our Tribe is 132 strong.

The C42 Advantage

  • Forum to connect with other entrepreneurs and builders

  • Relevant and curated content

  • Peer support

  • Monthly (virtual) meetups*

  • Roundtables*

  • 1:1 Consult sessions / Mentorship*

  • Weekly Live Calls**

  • Templates and Playbooks**

  • Peer Accountability and learning**

  • 24/7 Support system**

* PAID programs.
** For Members only

People like us, behave like this

  • Resourceful

  • Effective

  • Mindset of abundance

  • Aim on prize (focus)

  • Range (think big, but attention to details)

  • Keep the creator mindset

  • Anchored by Values

  • Bullshit free

  • Learner for Life

  • Entrepreneur +

Yes, they are R.E.M.A.R.K.A.B.L.E.

what the Tribe says

C42 is a live forum where one helps one another when needed. It is becoming a place of knowledge to refer to when we get stuck - or get overwhelmed in the journey.
- Kamal

The content in the group helps me when I feel lost in my startup journey. The suggestions by the curator and fellow members help me build something meaningful
- Sourabh Arora

C42 helped me discover the power of building in public and the value it offers
- Vijay K

Really crisp sensible content and quality of discussions help entrepreneurs like me to bridge the experience gap. The discussions are amazing!
- Shree Vijay

The lightning speed moderation to keep off topic discussions away, help and insights in tech, reinforcements and questioning of beliefs around building products and the discussions with fellow entrepreneurs have been extremely valuable
- Kaushal Singh

I have been part of some groups which are active in the entrepreneurial spectrum, but C42 tops my list.
- Pavan Adipuram

Most groups share success stories (and it turns into marketing). This is the one place where i see people sharing their challenges as well. for first time entrepreneurs, having a space like this where we can learn from each other is invaluable.
- Selva Prakash